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Our family's vinous heritage and history dates back to 1883 when Salvatore Dominic Scotto, an officer in the Italian Navy, began making wine at his home on the Island of Ischia, just off the coast of Italy.  In addition to making wine for his family (a long-held custom in Italy), Salvatore also treated his friends and neighbors to the fruits of his labor.

Today we are a 5th-generation family owned and managed wine producing company.  We take pride in treating our team not only as collaborators but also as family members who are encouraged to think creatively and live with a can-do attitude. For five generations our family has embraced the Old World traditions of sharing meals and celebrating meaningful moments with friends.  Wine has always been a centerpiece of these events and a reflection of the Italian heritage we so proudly embrace.


Dancing Coyote is a family run, owned and operated vineyard located in a beautiful stretch of land in California’s Clarksburg appellation. We’ve been farming in the Delta region along the Sacramento River for five generations in the ideal climate and soil of the Sacramento Valley. Our winery was built in 1868 as a granary. In the early 1900’s it was converted to a winery and later gained notoriety for Port, Brandy and award-winning vinegar. Then in 2001, we began producing Dancing Coyote wines. The Clarksburg appellation is quickly developing quite a following by wine connoisseurs and gastronomes alike, for the quality of its grapes.  By using techniques such as cold fermentation and limiting the influence of new oak, we preserve and showcase natural fruit flavors endemic to our vineyards to produce complex, elegant wines that are both easy to drink and food friendly. is currently offering the Pinot Noir and the Petite Syrah. More to come...



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