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I met Daniel Largeot "Father" in the late 90's. I met his then young daughter Marie France around the same time. Daniel eventually passed away in 2008, and Marie France was already involved with the estate, accompanied by Remy Martin, her "compagnon". The wines there surely do not lack any flavors and textures: they are text book Burgundy wines, with profiles true to type from the appellations they come from. The viticulture is now way closer to organic under Remy Martin's influence, and Marie France is in the cellar. 

Established 12 generations ago. Now the two sisters, Anne & Catherine, are taking care of it all, from  biodynamic agricultural methods (since 1998) to making the wines. I would definitley say that the quality has gone up quite a few notches from the past genenration, which already made incredible wines. Since the middle ages, Pommard wines were considered the best reds of the Cote de Beaune. The wines have often been described as strng and powerful. The Parent sisters are offering a rmore refined and sophisticated version withut losing the power of its fruit.


Organic estate. Combination of a Domaine and a winemaking Negoce. The team is Alain, the father of the Domaine, and Carole and Bastien,  his children, involved in the Negoce part. 11 hectares between Chablis & Epineuil. The Domaine is BIO (Organic). So, I brought in the two facets of this family:

2017 Chablis 1er Cru "Cote de Jouan": Maison Mathias ( the negoce winemaking side). Amazing!

2017 Chablis 1er Cru "Vau de Vey": Domaine Mathias BIO wine. Unbelievable!

Both wines deserve serious attention.

New wine coming is the 2018 Petit Chablis: An absolute true to type delicious wine for the money!


Created in 1820. Sincce 1984 Mme Francoise Choppin immediately stopped the Negociant business to take greater care of her own production. In 2000, her great-nephew Geoffroy Choppin de Janvry continues in the same direction as Mme Chopin, and started switching to organic farming from 2009 to 2015. The wines are  now all organic certified. They are benchmarks of execellence in their appellations.


Located in Saint Bris le Vineux, 19 kilometers west  of Chablis, here is an upcoming Domaine making super focused and chiseled wines that are incredibly true to type, striking in purity, particularly for their Cotes d'Auxerre white (Chardonnay) and red (Pinot Noir) wines. 


Since 1989, Catherine & Didier are in charge of 13 hectares in Charnay Les Macon territory. Vines are between 20 to 65 years old. Their approach is almost organic: "Lutte Raisonnee" is the French term. They make red and white wines out of Gamay, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay.


It is 1938 that Jean Richard, then cooper, bought parcels of Grand Crus Mazoyeres-Chambertin and Charmes-Chambertin from the famous writer Gaston Roupnel. In 1939 his son Henri Richard put all his knowledge to create the fame of the Domaine, with his wife Nadia, and their two daughters Margaret and Magali. In 1985, Henri died prematurely, and his daughter Margaret and her husband Jean Bastien took over. From 1992 to 2012 the organic culture visionnary Patrick Maroiller joined the team. The domaine offered its first organic wines in 2005.

in 2013, the children Sarah Bastien and Richard Bastien are now in charge. They are joined by Guillaume Berthier who brings the Demeter (bodynamic) Certification to the Domaine in 2018.

I have personally met Mme Margaret Bastien in the late 1990/s, early 2000's. I imported her wines then (1998 & 1999). This past February 16, I visited the Domaine and met with her daughter Sarah who offered me a taste of three wines: 2020 Gevrey 'Les Corvees", and "Les Tuileries", as well as Charmes Chambertin... I have never tasted Gevrey Chambertin wines as pure, refined, elegant, pure fruit, powerful with incredible breed, as those ones. The 2022 wines are slwoly developping, and should be ready by Spring 2024. The Domaine also produces some unique white wines, including a Cremant de Bourgogne. Make a note that they are Aligote and Pinot Blanc based, no Chardonnay here...


Since 1882, a small house with an eye opening perseverance for quality and typicity.


The Domaine starts in the 20th century when Jospeh Pascal comes to Burgundy from the  Morvan region, to cultivate vineyards. He meets and marries Marie Voillery, and stays in Puligny Montrachet. First the family establishes themselves as a nursery business, and becomes quite successful, under the supervision of Jean Luc Pascal. Eventually they buy vineyards and build a 14 hectares estate, and start making very good wines. Early 2000, their son Yann and his spouse Alexandra come in. They make wines from Puligny Montrachet, Auey-Duresses, Meursault and Volnay. Very good quality wines, and the reds are better than they have ever been...



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